Safety Precautions for Inflatable Castles (Playing Guidelines for Inflatable Castles)
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Inflatable castles are designed based on popular cartoon characters in the market, and their cute and unique designs are deeply loved by children.

They are also known as inflatable castles, children's castles, inflatable trampolines, inflatable slides, children's playgrounds,

air cushions, and naughty castles.

  1. When using a blower to inflate the inflatable castle, pay attention to whether the power supply voltage matches the product description.

  2. Connect a reliable ground wire to the shell, and regularly check. Install a protective net at the air inlet of the blower to prevent accidents.

  3. When putting away the inflatable castle, turn off the power, open the air inlet and exhaust port of the blower,

  4. and it usually takes about half an hour for the castle to deflate (depending on the size of the castle).

  5. The remaining air needs to be manually squeezed. If it rains, drain the water and dry it in the sun.

  6. The inflatable castle should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

    You can use laundry detergent to wash the castle, remove stains with clean water, and then dry.

  7. If the castle is not used for a long time, clean it after use, fold it, tie it, and package it.

    The storage temperature should be between -50°C and +40°C, and pay attention to preventing mice and insects from damaging the castle.

  8. Pay attention to prohibiting infants who are too young from playing stimulating projects.

  9. Avoid large age differences to prevent collisions between older children and infants.

  10. Supervisors should supervise at all times, instruct children to play according to the rules, and prevent accidents.

  11. Do not use inflatable castles outdoors in windy and rainy weather to avoid accidents.

Many cute and unique inflatable castles are open outdoors, attracting many children who like to play.

However, be careful not to collide when playing. In addition, whether it is parents .

or supervisors, they must supervise and take care of children well. It is best not to play in windy and rainy weather.

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