Precautions for buying inflatable castles
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There are many inflatable castle amusement devices available today, with various shapes and easy installation. 

What should be considered when purchasing an inflatable castle?

1. Safety: Many varieties of inflatable amusement devices have thrilling and exciting features, but they all have safety measures in place.

2. Fun: This type of equipment changes the passive play of sitting, sliding, and spinning, allowing children to actively and creatively engage in play.

3. Vibrant colors: The equipment is colorful and eye-catching, using imported pigments that are not easily faded.

4. Durability: The materials used are sturdy and durable, with an estimated lifespan of around 100,000 uses (typically lasting three years).

5. Reasonable structure: The equipment has relatively even stress distribution, and there should be no tearing during normal use.

6. Minimal air leakage: Special treatment is applied to the leakage-prone areas during the manufacturing process, 

and compared to similar products, the required power for the blower is smaller.

7. Convenience: The equipment comes in various sizes and can be arranged according to the available space, such as plazas, parks, stadiums, clubs, or malls.

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